We help organizations develop the strategies and choose the right technologies to improve their ability to collaborate internally and externally with partners, vendors and clients… at the speed of light

Unlike many consultants who focus strictly on technology, we take a more holistic economics and human psychology-based approach focused on how value is created in organizations, how humans learn and come to insight on complex problems, and then help design or adapt the right technologies around a strategy to improve comprehension, retention, and “time-to-insight” across the organization.

We help with technology research, due diligence, ROI modeling, future-proofing investments, meeting room technologies and templates, and financially modelling tech investments.

Finally, we offer training and adoption on collaboration tools, applications and Agile methodologies including Scrum for project management. We offer a streamlined, “pro-modified” version of Scrum tailored to overall project management vs. software development. We borrow Agile’s “best practices” of sprint planning sessions, regular (but not necessarily daily) “stand-ups”, and “Big Visible Charts” and we help IT organizations visually organize projects, documents, room templates, and assets.