Services for Fortune 1000/500/100 Enterprises

Collaboration Strategy Development & Benchmarking – 3rd party review of existing collaboration strategy, tools, and technology roadmap. Benchmarking your collaboration program vs. other peer enterprise programs. Workshop to understand the “science-behind-the-spend” and develop a technology strategy to accelerate and improve collaborative capabilities.

Senior Management & BoD Justification and ROI Modeling– If you and your team want to do innovative things that fall outside of the current budget, we can help with calculating and explaining the ROI of visual collaboration. Previous engagement have even included working with a 3rd party labor economist to create testable financial and ROI models of potential technology investments.

Next-Generation Technology Evaluation & Planning – The Lab can help review new and upcoming technologies to ensure that your program is on the leading, but not bleeding, edge of improvements to collaborative tools, software, and services.

Example Engagements: We have helped Deloitte with a number of visual collaboration-related projects.  Check them out in our Deloitte Case Study.