We combine knowledge of Agile-methodologies, the economics of how organizations create value, and next-generation collaborative tools to improve productivity across-the-board.

We supercharge the entire organization

Agile-methodologies, human psychology, and next-generation collaborative tools.

We help you design in savings & ROI

We future-proof your investments and can model the expected ROI

We help you create a better way of work

Delight your colleagues with easy-to-use collaborative tools, rooms, and apps

Who are we?

Human Productivity Lab is unique in bringing together the psychology of how individuals learn with the economics of how organizations create value to design and deploy technology solutions that improve both.

We Work With World-Class Organizations


Case 1

The Lab has helped Deloitte evaluate next-generation collaborative tools that improve the bottom line and then communicate the strategy effectively internally and with its member firms.

Array Telepresence

Case 2

The Lab helped leading telepresence camera company Array Telepresence enter the market, raise money, find distributors and partners.

What's our Process like?

Step One – Collaboration Audit

What tools are you using today and goals for tomorrow? Who talks to whom inside and outside of the organization?

Step Two – Strategy and Solution Design

ROI analysis and budgeting, conference room and collaboration technology, applications and best practices.

Step Three – Training, Implementation, Roll Out

We create a strategy for success in the organization, train the trainer, and manage the roll out.

The Human Productivity Lab Will Make Your Business Better

Before the Lab

  • Loose Strategy – Reactive to problems and new room requests and facilities
  • Imprecise Understanding of ROI, Economics, Best Practices – Deploying “Gear” without a cohesive plan
  • Changes Impact IT Organization – Organization pays hard costs, soft costs, and opportunity cost of research, modeling, training, and project management.

After Human Productivity Lab

  • Collaboration Strategy Aligned with Goals & Work Flow
  • Strategy to Maximizes ROI, Economics, Best Practices – Understand the “Why” & “How” of technology investments
  • Outsourced Expertise to Limit Impact on IT – Organization dodges much “Opportunity Cost” with focused experts and minimum impact to on-going IT operations
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